What if FedBizOpps was integrated with the
industry's top source of business intelligence?

FBO Pro™ is our answer to those who asked, "Why would anyone try to compete with the U.S. government's free FedBizOpps service?"

With a plethora of "Pro" features adding value for business development professionals, we would turn the question around: "Why would you entrust your BD process to a product which doesn't have these features, and which lacks DACIS integration?"

Read on to learn more about the features which make FBO Pro™ one of the most vital components of the DACIS Professional Edition.

More than 5 million records, back to 2001. Never archived!
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All of FedBizOpps, All of the Time
Searching FBO.gov can be frustrating, especially if you're after information that's been "archived" (and if you're doing your job right, you will be). FBO Pro™ gives you all of FedBizOpps, all the time. You can search it in a dedicated search interface, or through DACIS' powerful Sitewide Search. Either way, the content you're after is always just a click away. All the way back to 2001.
Predecessors and Successors
DACIS analysts continuously are tracking hundreds of high-priority U.S. federal government procurements. In many cases these are recompetes of contracts or task orders about which we can provide invaluable background information—and we do, putting it at your fingertips in the form of intuitive linkages into our DACIS Contracts and DACIS Programs modules. An example is provided in the Sample Record at right.
Know Your Customers…
More than 500 U.S. federal government customers—military and civilian—are in our Customers module, and they're linked in real time to the thousands of records being imported daily into FBO Pro™. Meaning that vital background on each customer—not just the opportunities they're conducting, but also the contracts and programs on which they're already working—is always just a click away.
We Follow the Bouncing Ball So You Can Sing Along
As if the procurement process wasn't complicated enough already, contracting officers are prone to changing solicitation numbers mid-stream during a competition. This puts you at risk of losing the thread—unless you're an FBO Pro™ subscriber, in which case our "multi-sol" feature has your back. The Sample Record at right shows a procurement which has transitioned through three solicitation numbers—you'll see them all under "All Notices by Solicitation" in the right navigation. FBO.gov doesn't do this. It's an FBO Pro™ exclusive feature.
Smart Alerts
FBO Pro™ gives you the ability to set up smart profiles, going beyond simple keywords to allow you to customize notifications based on customer, product codes, and more. The results—targeted and on point—will be waiting in your email when you arrive at the office every morning.
Follow the Money—To the DoD Budget
"Yes, but is it funded?" It's one of the first questions that a BD executive should ask when looking at a record in FedBizOpps. Our linkages to the Programs module, which is richly linked to our DoD Budget module, will remove all doubt.
…Especially the PEOs
It's no secret that most of the Pentagon's requirements are being set by the Program Executive Offices (PEOs) maintained by the services and the OSD. We've directly connected the more than 30 PEOs with the procurements they're responsible for—and you'll see the results in hundreds of new records in FBO Pro™, every day.
We Track Protests
A protest can throw a monkey wrench into a competition—not just after award, but while the competition is underway, or even while it's gearing up. Yes, you can go looking for Protest information on the GAO website. But if you're an FBO Pro™ subscriber you won't have to, because we bake in GAO protests (to see how, check out the Sample Record at right). It's another FBO Pro™ exclusive feature.
We Do Industry Days
We've saved the most impressive for last. We track industry days, and digitize the attendee lists (let us repeat that: we've digitized the attendee lists), linking each person and their company individually to this procurement and to our SAM module. Names, phone numbers, email addresses—even their LinkedIns. Yep, this is another FBO Pro™ exclusive feature.
"DACIS is my primary tool to help me gather info to determine how I pursue business."
Raymond Robichaud, Manager, Business Development, Northrop Grumman Undersea Systems
"DACIS has developed an easy to navigate, robust data base that has proven to be invaluable to assess opportunities, evaluate options and to develop business capture plans for my company. But even more valuable and effective, is the timely and knowledgeable customer support that we have received. Whenever I or my colleagues have run into what was perceived as a wall, Bill Burton has been on the spot and has cheerfully and expertly guided us to the solutions needed. Atta-Boy Bill! Atta-Boy DACIS!!!"
William “Mac” Wilkinson, COL, US Army (Ret), Director, Special Operations, SELEX Galileo Inc.
"DACIS is a great service. It makes my job sooo much easier to have such great information at my fingertips!"
Adam P. Smith, Competitive Strategy and PTW, Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services