Multiple-Award ID/IQ:
Your light into a low-visibility,
dollar marketplace
Search 1,700+ government
ID/IQ contract vehicles. Generate
reports on seatholders, taskorders,
SDB status, M&A, and more.

Multiple award ID/IQ contract vehicles are the best thing since sliced bread—if you're the government customer using them. You end up with a nice, tidy pre-qualified list of bidders for the work you need done. Minimal reporting requirements. And to ice the cake, a reduced chance of protests. Yes, life in the low-competition lane is indeed good.

But if you're in industry, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be to be all bad. Sure, you have to "win it twice"—the hunting license first, and then the chance to bag some task orders. So this is a market you want to approach strategically. Which is why we've created a tool purpose-built to give you strategic-level visibility.


In our Focus|Multiple-Award ID/IQ service we're tracking opportunities with a theoretical value of $2.5 trillion. But for every vehicle that reaches it's cap, there are 25 that'll never get halfway to theirs. We let you know which vehicles are worth pursuing, and which are underperformers.

When you're looking at 1,700+ vehicles, further screening is in order. So we give you the ability to winnow your results based on contract vehicle cap, customer, NAICS code, SBA status, company name, and expiration year.

With all these search tools the questions you can answer are virtually limitless. Which contractor has hauled in a quarter of the value of the money spent on the Army's Strategic Services Sourcing (S3) vehicle? On which Navy vehicles does Booz Allen have a seat? (There are 27 of them!) On which vehicles have SDVOBs found a place? And what's the (much smaller) number of vehicles on which SDVOBs are making actual money? We can tell you that.

And finally, we can take you right down to the level of task orders on every single contracting vehicle, and on every single contract. All of them up to date. Making this a tactical tool, too.


Burn rate is a great way to find this market's best neighborhoods, but it's not the only way. Finding the vehicles which have seen a lot of M&A activity is another. (Quick, which $4B vehicle has seen nine of its 16 seats pass into the hands of acquirers—some of them twice?)

We give you a M&A search tool so you can find the acquirers picking up seats on multiple-award ID/IQ vehicles. The strategic buyers and the private equity buyers. If you're seeking direction in this vast marketplace, you could do worse than following the smart money.

We ourselves have been following the smart money for a long, long time. As the publisher of the Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) service, we've seen a lot of acquirers take advantage of the fact that opportunity always trades at a discount to backlog. If you've found a contracting vehicle that's perfect for your company's talents, buying in is a great way to go. And our service will find you the best vehicles, faster and more effectively than anything else out there. Gentlemen, start your engines.


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